A Twisted Tale

Koril's Den

Traveling through the forest a group of travelers is met by an arrow-based warning shot with a less-than-friendly note. When screams fill the air and a young man is seen running from a group of zombies, the party gives chase to save this fellow. Seeing the kid duck into a crypt built under a hill, the travelers press forward into the den to determine exactly what has transpired. The group quickly determines that this crypt has been re-purposed by a necromancer and a battle erupts. The woman runs and locks the corridor behind her as she proceeds to raise a set of zombies and skeletons, and looses her most hideous creation – a flesh golem – on the party. Overmatched, yet with nowhere to run after being locked in, the party members quickly fall, one after another.

Then they wake up…But they’re not exactly what they once were.

The travelers have been turned into zombies themselves, yet somehow have managed to retain their memories and mental functions. What has been done to them?


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